It is known that some Greek islands aren’t on the international travel radar, and that’s absolutely fine. Serifos is one of them and manages to keep its wild charm which makes it a great option for travelers looking for an authentic Greek island that hasn’t  been hit by mass tourism. Serifos is one of the islands chosen by Greeks for a weekend break. Access is only possible by boat.


What you will not find in Serifos

  • Fancy beaches with bars and loud music
  • Sunbeds and umbrellas
  • Impressive restaurants with Michelin start chefs
  • Never ending parties around the island
  • Traffic when driving around, except of course during August which is the case in all islands.

What you will find in Serifos

  • More than 70 beaches which you can actually visit by car or foot.
  • Nice family owned restaurants everywhere you go
  • Beaches as nature left them, so go prepared with your umbrella
  • One of the most amazing Chora (main town) up in the hill which was built once inside a Venetian fortress to protect locals from pirates

Top things to do in Serifos

  • Rent a car or a bike for quick access. Keep in mind that (especially during July and August and weekends) parking in Chora may become a challenge.
  • Visit Chora during sunset and stay for dinner and drinks
  • Enjoy amazing hiking trails
  • Visit Serifos’ churches. The most important Monastery which you can visit is the Monastery of Taxiarches close to Galani village.
serifos island 1920

In general:

In a nutshell, Serifos is one of the island you can visit and enjoy worry free vacation away from crowded beaches, restaurants and bars.