The most remarkable Athenian experience!

A momentous occasion that will stay in your memory for years to come! All the glorious ancient history of Greece unfolds before your eyes at 40 meters above the ground. The Acropolis Panorama Dinner is the most remarkable Athenian experience as you can literally reach the sky and enjoy the panoramic view of the city, while all the time being right next to the most famous monument in the world, the Acropolis.

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of the sea, the mountains and the city of Athens, take amazing pictures and post the most stunning selfie you have ever taken on Instagram while you enjoy an haute cuisine menu being prepared just for you up in the sky. The 6-course menu you will taste is a mesmerizing combination of traditional Greek cuisine with modern culinary creations. Appreciate the carefully chosen wines and bring your meal to a close, with a last glimpse of the Acropolis, while indulging in your dessert prepared for you by our amazingly talented pastry chefs.