Breathtaking view in shades of red and purple!

When the sky has its magical hues of red, purple and orange then you should be high in the sky so you can revel in its splendor. The Acropolis sunset dinner takes place at the right moment so you can see these magnificent colors of the Athenian sky. While the sun sets over the city, you can enjoy the panoramic view of Athens, the sea and the mountains… Create remarkable memories, take pictures with your loved ones while you are 40 meters above the ground and admire the most famous monument in the world, the breathtaking Acropolis, like you have never seen it before.

Prepare to be stunned as you take your sip from our carefully selected wines and relish the 6-course menu prepared just for you in front of your eyes by our team of talented Chefs. Your dinner will come to an end with a last glimpse of the Acropolis while you indulge in the dessert made for you by our pastry chefs, keeping the charm of the capital city of Greece in your heart forever.