The most romantic scenery for your special day!

When you add it all up: the beaches, the spectacular views, the food, the nightlife, the ancient history and the diverse character of the Greek people, there is probably no better place in the world to spend your honeymoon than Greece…

While most honeymooners spend the first night in Athens to fulfill their obligation to Greece’s ancient past by visiting the Acropolis and the other museums and ancient sites, Dinner in the Sky Athens will prove to be the most romantic experience for your special day, wedding anniversary or honeymoon.

Looking for the right place for a marriage proposal? Feel the atmospheric romance and use the impressive scenery of Dinner in the Sky to pop the big question and begin your lifelong journey together under the Athenian stars.

As dusk draws in and you are enjoying a pleasant sip of our awarded local wine, our Chef prepares a 6-course mouthwatering dinner inspired by the traditional Greek recipes. Treat your loved one to a gourmet dinner and make this a night to remember… Contact as at [email protected]