November 24, 2019 Dinner In The SKy

Amazing Experience, Awesome People

Amazing Experience, Awesome People

I had a “lose my phone in a foreign country” moment that had me running through the streets of Athens trying to fix it as dinner crept ever closer. I had already accepted the fact I would miss the dinner– it starts a certain time, and I wouldn’t expect any one to wait for my dumb butt– but I was in contact with my friend the whole time who was there and she kept saying they were going to wait because I was close.

I screeched up 2 minutes late, running and out of breath, and they greeted me with all smiles and a glass of water, telling me to calm down, it was ok, we were all good. I was so happy and impressed with their care and acceptance and that I actually got to make my dinner. I met cool people, our chef, Sophia, was so friendly and lovely (as was everyone), and even coming back down to the ground, the hostess, Aphrodite, was super sweet. I had an amazing time and thank this wonderful restaurant for making my last night in Greece fantastic!

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