July 13, 2019 Dinner In The SKy

An experience you don’t want to miss!!

An experience you don’t want to miss!!

Me and my wife booked two seats for this restaurant and was really excited about it. First of all, the experience eating dinner 60-80 meters above ground is magical. The rotate the restaurant so you will get the view of Akropolis in all angles. You will have the opportunity to get some smashing pictures. The staff working here will for sure make you satisfied. We were offered welcome drinks while we waited for our seats. They also gave great information about how everything works.

Then about the food: The menu is already fixed (as assumed) and it was a 5 course meal where i enjoyed 3 out of 5, while my wife enjoyed 2 out of 5 dishes. The chef is really good and she prepares great meals. However, we are not really fish people. The dessert and the tzatziki salad was amazing. The beef is probably one of the best dishes i had in greece. What a recipe!! I wish the portion was way larger though : D

You get as much wine/beer/soft drinks as you want and the staff (including the chef) makes you feel so calm that my wife was not scared ones (she is afraid of heights).

Even though some of the dishes was not exactly to our taste i rate this excellent, because the overall experience is amazing.

Book your seats and don’t miss this while in Athens.


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