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Transportation in Athens

what is the best way to get around?

Metro station Akropoli in Athens

transportation in athens

The same question always comes up  when visiting a foreign city.. what is the best way to get around?

By foot most will say but is it always possible?

Let’s start from the very beginning, the time you arrive at Athens International Airport, Eleftherios Venizelos

The airport is located 33 km from the center of Athens. Access is easy through the major high way (Attiki Odos) by taxi which will last about 40 min (depending on the time of the day) at a fixed price ranging between 40 euro to 55 euro (day time vs night time). An alternative option is by metro or bus

While in Athens and considering that you are staying around the center the best way is indeed by foot. All major attractions are in the center with a 15-30 min walk between them. The metro is of course your best alternative as you would only need to use mainly the Blue or the Red Line or sometimes both to reach your final destination.


Transportation in athens

Passengers in the subway station in Athens, Greece.

If you decide to spend a day by the sea side then the Tram  is an excellent option as it gives you the chance to enjoy the coastal line.

It is highly recommended to download which will help you getting a taxi. You may enter your credit card and use it instead of cash.

Uber is also available in Athens but works only with taxis.

If you are planning to rent a car to use it for a trip outside Athens ie Delphi, Meteora then keep in mind that parking on the streets in the center of Athens is possible but there are residents zones where you are no allowed to park and others that you need to pay a fee. There are many underground parking areas at a fee in central locations

Dinner in the Sky Athens is located in Gazi area and the easiest way to get there apart from taking a taxi is the metro. You need to choose the Blue line and get off at Kerameikos station.

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