April 8, 2019 Dinner In The SKy

Dinner with the Greek Gods!

Dinner with the Greek Gods!

I have dined in some of the world’s best and most regarded restaurants.
This will always be one of the most memorable dining experiences I have ever had. I cannot thank the team enough for their hard work, passion, love of hospitality and great energy that it takes to create the journey they took us on last night.
Dine in the sky is a unique concept, guests are strapped into very comfortable race car type seats attached to a modern looking communal table/live kitchen which is lifted by crane 40 meters above Athens.
You will feel like Zeus invited you to a private banquet with the fellow gods of Greek mythology at his dinner table raised above the city of Athena.
The entire evening is planned with very careful attention to detail to create a true experience.
Do not think twice about taking advantage of this rare opportunity to dine among the gods. Everything is amazing, from the food, to the music, the lighting, the pre-dinner cocktails and so much more. The owner is onboard to ensure that every details is perfect.
If you are worried about heights, you will be transformed. Several of the guests at our table were nervous but all of them by the end had conquered their fears.
Its a special experience, you will not regret going, you will regret missing it.
Don’t worry about the weather, they have blankets on board and the dizzying heights, great wine, food, music and entertainment will soon have you mesmerized.
Its going to be hard for another restaurant to knock this one off the top spot on TripAdvisor.


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