December 7, 2020 Dinner In The SKy

A wedding proposal up in the sky

Popping the big question can be nerve racking. You need to plan ahead, make it special, think out of the box and design the most romantic and unexpected scenario, in order to surprise your loved one.
This is the occasion that both of you will remember for years to come, so you have only one chance for your plan to succeed! Yes, although it sounds a bit stressful, it is however true. Unfortunately, a lot of details can go wrong when you prepare yourself for the big question. At the same time, you browse through so many online videos titled “the perfect wedding proposal” or “my girlfriend couldn’t stop crying after my wedding proposal” and you think to yourself that these people have set the bar way up high… But no worries! We have great news for you! We can get your wedding proposal… even higher! 50 meters up in the sky to be precise!

This is exactly what our friend Chris did! He was planning to visit Greece and he booked a Dinner in the sky. In the meantime, he contacted us and told us that he was planning to pop the big question to his girlfriend up in the sky! We, of course, offered to help! When the time arrived for the dessert to be served, our team on the ground opened a sheet with the phrase “Kim, will you marry me” and our Chef up in the sky presented the ring to Kim! The glasses of the two lovebirds were filled with champagne and all the guests raised their glasses to the occasion.
As for Kim, she most definitely still smiles when she remembers her wedding proposal…


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